NEW MUSIC: Icon Blu – I Don’t Need Anyone But You

Approximately six months ago, singer Niki Black and producer Bolkano came together to create exciting, energetic and emotional as Icon Blu. Exploring the vast realms of sound, the US-based duo – Los Angeles to be specific – aim to share feelings of unbridled joy and melancholic nostalgia with their listeners. As bright and shiny newbies on the scene, they may not have the discography of more established peers; however, this does not mean they are being placed on the sidelines. With their self-titled album, Icon Blu proves to be one of the more interesting emerging artists.



The second single off Icon Blu, ‘I Don’t Need Anyone But You’ is an upbeat, buoyant and slightly addictive track. Combining dynamic beats with powerful vocals makes the single one of those addictive, toe-tapping tunes. What I find interesting, and potentially the most enjoyable part of the tracks is Niki Black’s vocals. Reminiscent of Jessie J and Gwen Stefani, but with far more attitude, this insatiable songstress will keep your toe-tapping throughout.

So, what do I really think of ‘I Don’t Need Anyone But You’? Well-produced and lively, this track grabs hold of your head, whirls about in your brain and leaves you bouncing about with a silly grin on your face.

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