NEW MUSIC: Fort Vine – Primordial Mirror Of Cosmic Reflection

‘Primordial Mirror of Cosmic Reflection’ is the title track to Fort Vine’s brand new album – an uplifting, inspiring, psychedelic indie-folk anthem.

From their modified sprinter van, in the many thousands of miles of the USA where they may be at any one time, indie-folk duo Fort Vine have dreamt and materialised their venture into psychedelia – the product is their brand new album, released today, ‘Primordial Mirror of Cosmic Reflection’. The title track, which also serves as the second single for the album, is an ascending groove of soulful verses, soaring choruses and marching drums.

The duo themselves, Nyna Nelson and Trevor Tunison, say that “When people hear the song, we want them to feel like they just went on a cosmic journey of self discovery,” – needless to say, you should be listening to the track, not reading a review; my words won’t bring you to a raised consciousness like Fort Vine can! Nelson’s and Tunison’s vocals create the intertwining dichotomy that so well serves the gentle crescendo of the track into its cosmic choruses. Where Tunison’s vocals are forefront in the verses and humming refrains, they are soothing and introspective; where Nelson’s vocals are forefront in the choruses, they are layered, echoing, and inspiriting, instilling the image of that empyrean journey the duo describes.

Aside from its spirit, the track is sonically impressive too. Mixed by Ted Young (known for his work with The Rolling Stones, Kurt Vile, Sonic youth) and mastered by Ed Brooks (known for his work with Fleet Foxes, REM, Pearl Jam), Fort Vine have produced a tight, technically-striking track in ‘Primordial Mirror’, especially impressive for how much soul it carries.

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