NEW MUSIC: Silent Natives – Love It

London-based indie folk band Silent Natives release punchy new single “Love It”.

Silent Natives have been anything but silent since 2019 – in fact, with the release of new single “Love It”, they build on the noise previously generated by last year’s hot topic, “Rewire”. BBC Introducing Essex has steadfastly supported this indie-folk trio as they navigate 2020 and all the hurdles that come with it. Silent Natives make it look easy, having picked up a slot at Hastings Fat Tuesday and Sofar Sounds before lockdown even began.

This year’s challenges haven’t phased the band, and they stick to their guns with the release of the escapist anthem “Love It”. Acoustic guitar canters alongside sturdy drums and a cement-like bass that brings together Silent Natives’ huge sound in a song comprised entirely of hook after hook. In true earworm style, the chorus is likely to stay bouncing between your ears ’til teatime and beyond, and the music video features just enough chaotic camerawork to match the urgency and tension of the song’s feel.

Plans to release a Limited Edition compilation vinyl in collaboration with Richer Unsigned and Amnesty International have been temporarily put on hold whilst the world is haphazardly stitching itself back together, but the good news is that Silent Natives have become livestream connoisseurs, so you can catch them online for the time being. I mean, they must be good at livestream gigs if it’s landed them a spot at Leigh Folk Festival…

If you’d like to support this brilliant band, please follow the links below and pop their latest release in all your favourite playlists. After all, “I know you’d love it”….

Find Silent Natives on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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