Norwich alternative indie band The Islas release single “Close”, complete with B-side “Dancing With Daisy”.

It’s no secret that The Islas are the most exciting indie quartet to have come out of Norwich this year, and the release of their latest single “Close” only proves my point. The band employ sensitive lyrics to explore themes unchartered by many of today’s guitar bands, and have made the best of lockdown whilst doing this, adapting to their limitations and blowing us all away nonetheless.

Since the group’s inception, The Islas have received ongoing support from BBC Introducing, local television and production duo Sugarhouse, known for their work with Larkins, Cassia and Corella. That’ll explain the immaculate sound of “Close” and accompanying b-side “Dancing With Daisy”, wherein Ross Allen’s guitar riffs glisten beneath the crystal-clear vocals of frontman Nathan Baverstock. Allen and Baverstock met in music college and formed The Islas with fellow musos Granger Wittering and Ed Chalu, and in the three years that followed, they have developed an impressively original sound of their own.

“Close was constructed from a previous experience I had as a 9 year old in middle-school,” Baverstock explains. “One of [mine and my brother’s] senior Christian teachers was talking around the bible and homosexuality – trying to convince our young minds as to how it is a sin and wrong in the eyes of God. My brother is gay […] and looking back now it was a really abhorrent and hollow presentation from that teacher which I didn’t quite understand it at the time.” The frontman hastens to add that “Close” is less of a protest against religion – more an exploration of how he felt at the time.

Beautiful ballad “Dancing With Daisy” follows the upbeat rhythms of “Close”, this time revealing the inner monologue of the songwriter in its stream-of-consciousness lyrics, set to the backdrop of gentle swirling guitar chords. The b-side ends with a rapturous cacophony of noise to bring The Islas’ latest release to a sweet finale.

If this band’s new music has woo’d you like it has I, be sure to support them by following them on the links below, and don’t be shy adding “Close” to all your playlists!

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