NEW MUSIC: Innerkid – So You Love Not Yourself

Austin native Innerkid releases confessional new single “So You Love Not Yourself”.

Innerkid is making his presence known in 2020 with a string of creative singles that show off his unique production ideas and songwriting talent. The latest release, “So You Love Not Yourself”, follows up on earlier mountain-movers “Anymore” and “I Lied” with sophisticated development of Dawson Carroll’s own sound, this time featuring slow-mo style vocals and glitchy beats.

“I was in a mental trench during a super low moment after quitting a tour last year so I locked myself in my studio and poured everything into this song,” the artist explains. “What I ended up realizing was that I didn’t have any love for myself at that moment, and that it was on me to pull myself out of the trench. Once I turned my focus to me and what I could do to improve myself everything seemed to get a little lighter.”

Carroll hopes to lift that weight for his listeners too, providing an incentive in the form of a mid-song switch up to represent the freedom that comes realising some form of self-love. With such an impressive title (taken from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations 5:1), the track doesn’t disappoint – it’s reminiscent of Sum 41 in the bold vocal delivery style which is underpinned by rumbling bass and hi-hat patterns that trip over themselves.

“So You Love Not Yourself” is yet another feather in Innerkid’s (already very feathery) cap and a must-listen for any lover of modern emo-pop music. Be sure to show this talented polymath some love on social media…

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