Nick Howe – Wide Awake

In ‘Wide Awake’, Nick Howe has penned the anthem for the lockdown insomniac. Labelling the pop ballad in that way, however, may feel as if it narrows the song’s vast scope, as this isn’t simply an ode to the sleepless nights of worry we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. It feels pure, real, and effortless. Like a conversation with a friend that’s in equal measure both comforting and motivating; it’s the reassuring pat on the back that also gently nudges you out the front door towards facing your problems. Raw emotion aches from Nick’s voice throughout the entirety of it’s three and a half minutes, and the blend of sensitivity mixed with impending euphoria is what makes this tune a real joy to listen to.

The song builds from a simple dreamlike piano part accompanied by Nick’s honest vocal performance, before subtly building to a crescendo that emphasises the dynamic nature of his soulful voice. The production of the recording itself feels clever, with the aforementioned piano part dancing in and out throughout; creating a bed that the rest of the soundscape lands upon effortlessly. As it stands, this is Nick’s second release of the year. However, he has since released another tune titled ‘Give Me A Reason‘. Definitely check it out through the links below. Not just content with releasing music, however, Nick is extraordinarily awaiting confirmation from the Guinness book of records for the ‘highest number of quarantined dancers to feature in a music video for his previous release ‘It Belongs To Her‘. What an achievement! Keep an eye on Nick Howe’s upcoming releases, he is most certainly one to watch.


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