NEW MUSIC: Roi Bars – Good Day!

A bouncing, building, and unwaveringly catchy indie-pop track, Roi Bars’ ‘Good Day!’ will certainly help you achieve one for yourself.

“You’ll never feel better than today” – a line that Roi (Rodrigo) Bars repeats with increasing conviction as the track’s many intricate layers build, ‘Good Day!’ encourages the notion of “taking the good things out of the bad situations in order to have a good day, for the rest of your life.” You know, Roi’s technique of grasping onto the small, positive things in life sounds familiar – have you ever woken up, and found yourself excited to listen to a really great song you found yesterday? It’s undeniably a lovely feeling, and one that you’ll likely experience again with ‘Good Day!’.

The track, which Roi recorded and produced solo, is a dazzling ride through four-and-a-half minutes of flourishing layers. Beginning simply with a quick, steady pulsing of keys and chopped-up clean guitars, Roi’s vocal hook (which is now stuck in your head for the rest of the day) rolls around, the even beat of a kick drum teasing what comes next. With a reverberated clap, the track stands still for a moment before massive, deep synths burst in and resound in the low-end – a brilliant, driving contrast to the brightness of the keys and guitars, galvanising the positivity of ‘Good Day!’ into a sweeping energy. Roi’s previously-understated vocals break into soaring harmonic layers, before the hook returns with the bass-synths and chopped-up percussion staying.

‘Good Day’ is a showcase of Roi Bars’ talent at both songwriting and production. Having been writing music since 2014 and learning to produce since 2016 after moving to San Diego from Guadalajara, his music is being increasingly recognised internationally. If you enjoyed ‘Good Day’, be sure to check out Roi’s most recent single ‘Fake Doors’ too.

Find Roi Bars on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

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