Day: 29 August 2020

Nick Howe – Wide Awake

In ‘Wide Awake’, Nick Howe has penned the anthem for the lockdown insomniac. Labelling the pop ballad in that way, however, may feel as if it narrows the song’s vast scope, as this isn’t simply an ode to the sleepless nights of worry we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. It feels pure, …

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NEW MUSIC: Roi Bars – Good Day!

A bouncing, building, and unwaveringly catchy indie-pop track, Roi Bars’ ‘Good Day!’ will certainly help you achieve one for yourself. “You’ll never feel better than today” – a line that Roi (Rodrigo) Bars repeats with increasing conviction as the track’s many intricate layers build, ‘Good Day!’ encourages the notion of “taking the good things out of …

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