NEW MUSIC: Siracuse – Love Stands Tall

From their new album ‘Forever’, psychedelic Britrock-influenced trio Siracuse get the blood pumping with ‘Love Stands Tall’. 

Bathed in a goldilocks-level of reverb, Siracuse harness their shoegaze roots and galvanise them with ‘Love Stands Tall’ (or as they often abbreviate it, ‘L.S.T’). A track that will sonically match perfectly with a venue like Southampon’s The 1865 or the Camden Assembly (once we’re allowed to go to gigs again), it’s a simple task to picture Siracuse tearing up those stages.

Opening with a stirring, crunchy bass riff (Matt Jefferies), the building guitar tone in the background wastes no time and thrusts headlong into a driving drum beat (Will Hall). Fit with punchy snares and off-beat hi-hats – reverbed as if playing in the aforementioned venues – ‘Love Stands Tall’ maintains a propulsive energy throughout all four-and-a-half minutes of the track. Bright guitar tones float over the gung-ho bass and drums, rightly careful not to overstep; that is, until vocalist and guitarist Ben Zakotti makes way with a naughty post-chorus guitar solo.

‘L.S.T’ crescendos towards its final chorus, Zakotti’s vocals backing up his soaring guitar tones with a distinctively Britpop/rock-style cadence; indeed, the band cites the likes of Oasis, The Verve and Ride among their many influences. Siracuse themselves say that the product of these influences – shoegaze bands primary among them – is “atmospheric, dreamlike, but all indie!”

If you like the sound of ‘Love Stands Tall’, be sure to check out the whole album “full of swirling, deep echoes” and “reverberated guitars, big drums and distorted bass lines.” Siracuse will keep you dreamily energised (despite that paradox) throughout the tracklist.

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