NEW MUSIC: Any Given Room – Mind>matter

Six-member powerhouse of charisma Any Given Room live up to their slogan “good-ass pop music” with the enthusiastic track ‘Mind>matter’

If you’ve been looking for a feel-good banger – you’ve found it! ‘Mind>matter’ is a sparkling alternative-pop-indie-rock track (forgive the long label – it’s hard to give this track a single one) that flips the phrase “what does it matter?” onto its carefree, jubilant head. Depicting “the eventual decision to put mind over matter” and move on from a conflict with a loved one, this track captures that feeling of mental liberation perfectly.

Any Given Room are a band that pride themselves on harnessing each member’s different musical tastes and writing styles – without which, as Steven Sivils (keys) puts it, “AGR’s music would be much less interesting.” Indeed, ‘Mind>matter’ is a seamless showcase of the band’s wide-ranging influences; they cite Hippo Campus as the primary influence behind this track, but take a listen and you’ll no doubt pick out many of these intricacies yourself. The clean math-rock guitars and elaborate drums lend themselves less to rock-pop music, and more to – well, math rock – but also the more upbeat side of post-hardcore. Throw some oddball screams into the vocals, and it’s not a stretch to compare ‘Mind>matter’ to one of Dance Gavin Dance’s more modernised tracks (not to mention the band once opened for post-hardcore legend Kurt Travis).

Despite the complexity of Any Given Room’s instrumentation and the breadth of their influences, the six members sound tight – impressively so. No beat or noodled guitar is even slightly out of place, and I feel wholly comfortable in Dylan Bradley’s vocal layers. Whether it’s indie-rock, indie-pop, math rock, or some kind of cheerful post-hardcore, one thing’s for certain  – Any Given Room are making some “good-ass pop music.”

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