NEW MUSIC: Sovereign – The Chain

Danish trio Sovereign have returned with their sophomore track ‘The Chain’, an anthemic indie banger that’ll get you bouncing in the crowd (whenever we’re allowed to again).

For anyone feeling withdrawal symptoms from 2020’s abandoned festival season, ‘The Chain’ just might be able to give you that hit of dopamine you’ve been craving. It’s been a while since those golden days around 2016 when we were all young, wide-eyed, and heading off to Reading & Leeds, drinking Dark Fruits and dancing to the likes of Nothing But Thieves, The Hunna, or VANT. Luckily, however, Sovereign seems set to revive this feeling.

It’s easy to imagine bopping in the crowd to ‘The Chains bewitchingly catchy chorus riff – perhaps it’s those dreamy guitars and reverbed vocals that simulate a Sovereign festival set – but until the summer of 2021, we’ll have to wait to experience the real thing. The lyrical matter of the track tackles with ending a romantic relationship amicably, and as bassist and singer Frederick Milland explains “it’s about liberating yourself or another person in the most loving way possible while trying to keep your shit together.” Indeed, ‘The Chain’ feels much like a coming-of-age track; combine that mid-decade festival feeling with lyrics about learning how to separate from your ex-lover, and we find that Sovereign has created quite the sensitively powerful track here.

With its tight, driving drum beat and energetic layering of synths and guitars, ‘The Chain’ has absolutely marked Sovereign as a band to look forward to once festival season rolls around again. While we wait for that though, find them on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify to keep up to date with any new releases.

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