NEW MUSIC: Protonaut – Context

Erkelenz multi-instrumentalist and producer Protonaut releases new single “Context”.


Dominik Honold is the mastermind behind solo project Protonaut; he’s a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and ‘professional basement dweller’ (his words, not mine!). Based in Germany, Dominik’s music is the result of a plethora of influences, ultimately culminating in a blend of alternative and synth rock.

New single “Context” is based on a story from Dominik’s childhood, as he explains: “the song deals with someone having a close friend growing distant and dismissive because of their efforts to impress the people they aspire to fit in with”. The gritty bassline conveys the angst that Honold felt at this troubled time of his life, with the synth melodies overlayed perhaps to represent the mix of emotions that he experienced.

“Context” is an extraordinarily impressive tour de force from this German polymath, especially considering it was written, performed, engineered and produced by Protonaut himself from the safety of his own basement studio. What’s even more compelling is that Protonaut has already released two full-length experimental concept albums (for any prog-rock fans out there) between the years 2015-2018, all the while maintaining his authentic sound and thirst for sonic development.

This new single in conjunction with previous releases “Loudmouth” and “Overgrowth” provide his fans with a good idea of what’s to come in the third album – buckle up, people, it’s going to be a wild ride! “Context” is the sixth track from the aforementioned album to be released so far, and it sees Protonaut reach alt-rock lovers across the globe. Show this solo extravaganza some love on the links below to keep up with his news…

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