NEW MUSIC: Just Suppose – No Cause For Alarm

Huddersfield indie-rock band Just Suppose release sparkling new single “No Cause For Alarm”.

Formed at Huddersfield university in 2017, four-piece indie outfit Just Suppose have been refining their sound over a number of releases. Ewan Steady, Fraser Bell, Olli Hatton and Lewis Hughes joined forces with the purpose of mastering the sound of ‘uplifting melancholy’, through combining contemplative lyrics and upbeat guitar riffs. That’s exactly what the band have done in new single “No Cause For Alarm”, which glimmers and sparkles as much as it tells a sorry tale.

“This song is an exploration of what it feels like to be trapped in a life situation that has an adverse effect on one’s general outlook and mindset,” the band explain. “They don’t want to harm the people they have built this life around, the memories that are linked to it, by trying to break out – suppressing their own feelings for the ‘greater good’.”

Armed with emotional intelligence, empathetic understanding and the desire to tell a story that is too often left untold, Just Suppose create a compelling world of their own within their lyrics. Complex drum beats and a meandering bassline scamper along behind Ewan’s feather-light vocals, accompanied also by catchy guitar riffs. The sound is somewhat reminiscent to that of Everything Everything – that sort of ‘math rock’ intricacy and attention to detail in the rhythms and melodies shining through.

Last year, the band supported the likes of Marsicans – so imagine what they could achieve with the release of this euphoric new single over the following year! Whatever it may be, you won’t want to miss out – be sure to show Just Suppose on the links below as they further develop their sound and are inevitably met by new opportunities over the coming months…

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