NEW MUSIC: Krooked Tongue – Dance Like The Bull

Bristol rock trio release blistering new single on self-doubt and self-worth, “Dance Like the Bull”.

Tastes change over the years, but I am of the belief that ‘once a fan of face-melting rock, always a fan of face-melting rock’. It’s time for Royal Blood to step aside and let Krooked Tongue have the floor, the Bristol-based trio looking likely to take over the world of indie-rock very soon. Their latest single “Dance Like the Bull” follows the immensely popular “Girls With Knives”, and is released in collaboration with AIM ‘Best Small Label’ Scruff Of The Neck.

“Dance Like the Bull” is two-minutes-thirty of blistering guitar riffs, aggressive basslines, thrashing drums and guttural vocals. It throws you about in the eye of the storm, then leaves you reeling, questioning everything you thought you knew. The trio set out to redefine self-worth in this latest single, building on the idea that you are enough just the way you are. Krooked Tongue dismantle expectations and pedestals, and encourage their listeners to take a new outlook on their own realities.

The single artwork is a still taken from the accompanying forthcoming music video (directed by Owain Ulyet), dramatically set in an industrial scene and featuring a dancing ballerina, to represent the dichotomy of lightness and darkness discussed within the track’s lyrics.

If Krooked Tongue have caught your attention, be sure to follow them on the links below to keep up with more news on their Autumn tour (global pandemic permitting)…

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