NEW MUSIC: Ci Gofod – Dyfodol

Welsh indie-pop artist Ci Gofod releases bilingual single “Dyfodol”, about our uncertain futures.

Ci Gofod is Jack Thomas Davis, Welsh-born and bred, and currently residing in Swansea. Despite his artist name being the direct Welsh translation of ‘space dog’, Jack wasn’t taught to speak his country’s tongue when he was growing up, so he took it upon himself recently to learn. The release of “Dyfodol” is the next step in his journey to becoming fluent in his second language, and he explores the theme of uncertainty with both English and Welsh lyrics.

Laid-back beats and funky keys riffs bring together the backdrop for Ci Gofod’s “Dyfodol”, with use of world percussion and dreamy guitars, too. Almost lounge-esque in genre, he combines indie, funk and pop influences to create his own bespoke sound. Jack notes Prince and Steve Lacey as his inspirations behind the track, and his hopes are to weave the Welsh language back into the ever-growing Welsh music scene.

“The track discusses the uncertainty of the future and how the pace of life seems to have changed recently,” Jack explains. He collaborated with Lloyd Bastian of Pseudo Cool in the making of this DIY single, a fantastic addition to the world of bedroom-produced indie pop made increasingly popular by the limitations of life in lockdown.

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