NEW MUSIC: SWiiMS – Let You Down

Canadian dream-pop band SWiiMS release brand new single “Let You Down” from the Through Waves EP.

Last time I wrote about SWiiMS on Turtle Tempo (see the “Fill Me Up” article here), I wasn’t quite sure how to pin down their sound, so came up with the less-than-catchy ‘newbritdreamgaze’ as a solution. Now, upon hearing the band’s latest single “Let You Down”, I’ve found a more concise way to describe them: SWiiMS are Beabadoobee’s worldly older cousin. With their sophisticated 90s inspired songwriting, their music is highly addictive and a pleasure to listen to.

“Let You Down” is the sophomore single of the Toronto band’s debut EP Through Waves, six tracks of blissful surf-rock guitars, soaring sound effects and, of course, lead singer Mai Diaz Langou’s interminably calming vocal. Where some tracks on the EP, such as “Counting an Hour” and “Slow Day”, are quite happy to drift at their own pace, “Let You Down” is structured and strong, just like all the best 90s chart-toppers.

Catchy guitar hooks and heavy bass provide the foundations for the track, allowing Mai’s vocal to dance over the instrumental in the feather-light way it so often does, whilst the drums provide a peppy backbone to contrast the thoughtful ruminations of the lyrics. You might detect hints of The Cure’s influence on SWiiMS’ use of melody – Brit Pop plays a big part in their sound – and the effortlessly cool, music-buff nature of the four band members shines through in the production.

If you love “Let You Down”, you’ll love all six tracks on Through Waves. Be sure to check it out on the links below, and follow SWiiMS for more exciting news in the future…

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