NEW MUSIC: Fintan McKahey – Goodbye

Irish singer-songwriter releases breakup song “Goodbye”, taking a look at love from the outside in.

Irish singer-songwriter Fintan McKahey has unveiled his brooding new single “Goodbye”, featuring the dulcet tones of collaborator Ava Archbold. This release follows in the footsteps of previous single “Platinum” and its huge success, and maintains the smoke n’ mirrors haziness of Fintan’s signature vocal tone, paired with laid-back instrumentation.

“’Goodbye’ is a love song, looking at things from the other side of the fence,” Fintan explains. “It’s an observation of the struggle at the end of a relationship, when both sides are clinging on in hope of salvation.” The hopefulness is palpable in the delicate delivery of the lushly layered vocals, almost as though each lyric is covered with gift wrap and tied with a ribbon. Barely whispered, it feels like Fintan almost couldn’t bring himself to reveal such private musings to the world.

The simple production came to fruition in Fintan’s own home studio in West Cork. Sparsely plucked guitars glide over a downtempo beat, resulting in a tender feel to the sound. The last few moments of the track feel so final; perhaps the lonely strum that glimmers on the ending beat represents the burning out of the only ember left – where there was once fire is turned to ash.

Nevertheless, Fintan creates beauty from the pain in the form of this confessional new single. “Goodbye” is a triumph from this talented songwriter, and you can expect more from him in the near future. For now, be sure to follow him on social media to keep up with the latest news…

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