NEW MUSIC: King No-One: Roll of the Dice

York three-piece King No-One release catchy indie-pop single “Roll of the Dice”.

Whatever ‘it’ is, King No-One have it. The x-factor. The ‘je ne sais quoi’. Nevermind their impressive résumé (sold out UK tours, appearances on BBC Radio 1, Reading & Leeds and Truck festival stages, etc.), their music speaks for itself. “Roll of the Dice” is the latest of the trio’s singles to be unveiled to the world, featuring piercing synths, confessional lyrics and hooks galore.

“I’m nonchalantly addressing the circumstances of which I was born into and my so far ability to make something of my time here”, explains lead vocalist Zach. “Life is ultimately down to chance and where you may strive for a lifetime for something, another person may just fall into that by chance. This world is crazy, and sometimes you have to just accept that you can only do so much – the rest is a roll of the dice.”

Whilst the band would never describe themselves as anything special, we cannot deny that it’s not long before they become King Somebodies; you can’t make music this good and expect to remain anonymous and un-revered for too long – the fans will find you, and they will kill stan you. King No-One’s left-of-centre, forward-thinking attitudes have afforded them a particular fondness from the LGBTQ+ crowd, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the trio take over the rest of the world too.

Festival season 2020 would have presented King No-One with an embarrassment of riches if it weren’t for the virus, but the band continue to make the best of a bad situation with their expert approach to making really, seriously brilliant DIY music. Expect more riveting releases from these folks in the near future, you won’t want to miss a thing…

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