NEW MUSIC: Orchard – Universal Sigh

Stoke indie-rock outfit Orchard release uplifting ‘shakedown song’ in the form of new single “Universal Sigh”.

If you’re looking for a new band to sink your teeth into, Orchard are your guys. The four-piece hailing from Stoke, UK are set for huge success with their assured debut release “Universal Sigh”. Its uplifting, anthemic feel is born of a love for bands such as The Maccabees, Radiohead and Bombay Bicycle Club. The band have set their sights high, and their new single transcends the confines of their inspirations with pure authenticity.

It’s no wonder Orchard’s producer Tom Bishop was so glad to hop aboard the project, especially after the group sold out multiple live shows in their hometown; “[their sound is] colossal, but there’s something really ethereal about it. ‘Universal Sigh’ grabbed me instantly”, he gushes. It’s true that in all its majestic five minutes, this track never stops developing. The riffs are ever-evolving, and subtle melodic changes are just about noticeable if you really listen – and you will really listen, because the song commands your attention so.

“It was born out of the frustration I felt toward someone close to me who I just couldn’t get through to. I suppose the song is a letter with an unaddressed envelope,” frontman Tom Harley explains of “Universal Sigh”. The letter, I like to imagine, would be written neatly, but in extremely thick Sharpie. That’s what the lyrics are, really – eloquent, thoughtful, but sung in bold whilst fuelled by building tension.

Orchard have made a colossal stamp on the British indie-rock music scene with their debut single, so imagine what they might achieve with their next few releases! With release dates TBC, you’ll have to follow the band to keep up with their news…

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