In Conversation with Isaac Snow

Hailing from London, the fresh-faced Isaac Snow is a singer-songwriter writing sombre but refreshing songs. Open, honest and highly emotional, Isaac has a way of sharing a powerful message with a simple acoustic guitar. We speak with Isaac about his single ‘Run Away’.

Why did you decide to enter the music industry?

Initially, I started playing the guitar as a hobby, something to do whilst I was bored and to occupy myself. As I grew older and started to write my own songs, I realised quickly that music could become an outlet when I was feeling low; when I was feeling acutely anxious or depressed. I started to create songs which I felt people could relate to and people could take comfort from – for me as a listener that’s the type of stuff I want to hear, songs that reflect peoples experiences of pain, frustrations and sadness.

I realised that I wanted to enter the music industry because I felt I had songs that people could listen to and people could feel a little less alone and afraid. I believe I have a message in my music that should be heard.

Can you tell us about ‘Run Away’?

The song ‘Run Away’ is a song about feeling alone in an isolationist world. Where digitally we are connected, but emotionally we are distant. It is about longing to find your place in society and somewhere you belong. Ultimately, everyone’s searching for that.

What was the recording and writing process like?

I wrote the song in my bedroom in a couple of hours, it wasn’t a long arduous process. I wrote it on a Sunday evening and it just came naturally. Even the lyrics wrote themselves. I then recorded the song with my long-time producer and collaborator Ali Bla Bla at Lonesome Dog Studios.

Initially, the song was purely acoustic and vocals, but Ali helped me to turn it into something more interesting. We added synth and piano and distorted the vocals a little at the end of the song which helps to create a beautifully chaotic atmosphere.



Does the single have meaning for you?

I want all my music to mean something – it has to come from a place of feeling, otherwise what’s the point? Feeling unsure about who you are, where you belong is something that I have struggled with and put that into this song. I hope other people can take solace from it.

What do you hope people take from your music?

I hope people can listen to my music and realise that however depressed, anxious or alone they are feeling at that moment, that it’s ok. You aren’t alone feeling this way, there are people who feel exactly the same as you. I want them to take comfort in my music.

What is more challenging for you – melody or lyrics?

I find that the melody comes naturally, but lyrics can be more challenging. You want the lyrics to be accessible and not confuse people, but also to have meaning.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I keep myself motivated by following other artists. Listening to incredible new young artists like Arlo Parks and Dominic Fike definitely inspires me to do better.



How would you describe your sound?

My sound is indie-folk. It is traditional acoustic music with a slight twist.

What do you think is the best way to discover new music?

I think just to be proactive and to look online. Platforms like Pigeons and Planes, BBC Introducing and NPR are always pushing amazing new music you just have to keep looking. Independent platforms like this are an amazing way to stay ahead of the curve and find new music that is outside of mainstream media.

What does the future hold for you?

I am planning to keep on releasing music. I will be continuing to release singles through the rest of the year so please stay connected – this is just the beginning.

Do you have a message for our readers?

I would say to just stay inspired. If your readers are on this platform then they clearly care about independent music and they clearly have a passion for music. Just keep that focus and you will have comfort during this difficult time in our lives. Thank you for listening.

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