NEW MUSIC: BOCA – Nightmare

Isle of Wight indie trio BOCA unveil new single “Nightmare”, on the feeling of being a lost cause.

BOCA are Tom Batchelor (guitar and vocals), Charlie Nolan (bass) and Joe Walton (Drums). The trio go way back, having become friends in school many years ago, and they’ve since played their way through multiple local bands only to end up brought together in this very lineup. With influences such as Feeder, Foals, Wombats and Bloc Party, you might have high hopes for this band’s sound – and rightly so, as they surpass and eschew all expectations with brilliant brand new single “Nightmare“.

“The song is based on the familiar scenario of being lost both physically and emotionally”, the trio explain. “It’s a shortened ballad of someone struggling with life but finding positives through relationships and memories”. This song will indeed feel familiar to the many who have been affected by all that 2020 has thrown at us, and its plaintive lyrics teach the listener to look for the silver linings in order to get by. In fact, “Nightmare” was a song so popular at BOCA’s live shows that the fans demanded it be recorded for the good of all those who’d not yet discovered Isle of Wight’s finest indie-rock band.

There is a feel of early 00’s Snow Patrol about “Nightmare”, with soaring, heavily effected guitars and huge, thudding tom-heavy beats. It’s euphoric in its uplifting message, yet tender in the sense that it was born of the story of a struggle. A very elegantly crafted first single of 2020 for BOCA – we’ll be following this promising band closely…

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