NEW MUSIC: Senator – Makingmoves

Virginia Beach dream pop duo Senator release easygoing track on self-reflection, “Makingmoves”.

Senator is comprised of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Gary Watson and Josh Pinkston on guitar and bass. The two met in elementary school and forged a friendship that lasted the test of time with a mutual love for music at its core, which the two have channelled into their very own songs since the age of 10. The shared closeness and experience between Watson and Pinkston is evident within the tight, expert musicianship displayed in Senator’s easygoing debut single “Makingmoves”.

The duo’s sound shares elements of psych-rock and shoegaze influence, naming artists such as Men I Trust, TOPS and Real Estate as some of their favourite bands. “Makingmoves” itself is heavy on the classic psychedelic guitar effects, yet modern in its ability to fit snugly in a playlist of all the best indie-pop songs of 2020 so far. It’ll have your feet shuffling whilst your head drifts off into the clouds – the perfect antidote to a bleak Tuesday morning in the office.

“‘Makingmoves’ explores self-reflection and how that affects people around you,” Senator explain. The lyrics are thoughtful, ruminating on choices made past and present; “I can’t figure it out” is the disquieted musing of a hook that rings throughout the song. It rings truest for Watson and Pinkston, two ‘friends and goofballs’ (their words, not mine!) trying to carve out their own route from the smog of modern life. Senator are indeed “Makingmoves”, with their debut a massive hit in Turtle Tempo’s books.

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