NEW MUSIC: Chris Pidsley – Berryhead

London singer-songwriter Chris Pidsley releases contemplative new single “Berryhead”.

Chris Pidsley writes songs that could quiet a room of rowdy drunkards; the simplicity of his songs commands heads to turn and ears to listen, and “Berryhead” is no exception. Since he was 11, Chris has been writing his own music and finally took to the stage when he was 18 to show off his talent for songwriting. He’s been a hot topic ever since, with attention from BBC Introducing in Devon and live gigs played at some of London’s most notable venues.

“Berryhead” was released with fellow A-side “Cinnamon”, and is comprised of acoustic guitars that dance around our heads and feather-light vocals singing catchy melodies. The addition of distant birdsong, a synth and a cello make for exciting developments throughout the track, each adding a new dimension to Chris’ own approach to Folk Pop. Chris was inspired to write “Berryhead” on holiday in a place with the same name, in Torquay – he writes, “I came across a bench on a cliff which was dedicated to an old couple because it was their favourite spot in the world. I took this inspiring story of a love that lasted and wrote a song about this couple I’d never met.”

This sensitive reimagining of a story left mostly unbeknownst to the writer resulted in a beautiful ode to lasting love, surely relatable to many listeners, and providing of a thought-provoking piece of music to all. I’ll be saving “Berryhead” to a rainy day playlist and following Chris on social media to keep up with his new music – wanna do the same?

Find Chris Pidsley on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.

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