NEW MUSIC: Attawalpa – Done Hanging On

London-based South-American artist Attawalpa releases relatable new single “Done Hanging On”.

Music is healing for Peruvian Londoner Attawalpa, evident in his lamenting new single “Done Hanging On”. Proficient in playing a number of instruments and having a natural ear for meticulous production comes in handy in the age of DIY music, and it is this combination of talents that sees Attawalpa confidently offer up his third contribution to 2020 in the form of song.

“Done Hanging On” is the first single to be released from a new chapter named Patterns. Attawalpa weights up the positive and negative aspects of singledom on this slightly moody track, which features strong melodic hooks and a compelling bassline you can really sink your teeth into. The artist takes a philanthropic approach to his songwriting, inviting those who have experienced these same feelings into a warm and inviting embrace, acknowledging their pain with his words and offering uplifting respite. You may even catch a hint of quartz crystal singing bowl at 440hz – you’re not going mad; this is apparently a sound targeted towards healing heart chakras. Nice touch!

Attawalpa writes, “‘Done Hanging On’ is simply a track about letting go. I wrote the song on my dad’s piano. It was quite emotional as I was listening to a lot of Elliot Smith’s ‘XO’ at the time. I then took it to my sonic confidants Matt Allchin (co-producer) and Henry Danowski (drummer) and we made it pop.”

Striving to make music that stands the test of time is the main objective of Attawalpa’s work, and he achieves this tenfold in the future classic that is “Done Hanging On”.

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