NEW MUSIC: Jonny Morgan – Lonely In Soho

Alternative indie-folk artist Jonny Morgan releases lovelorn single “Lonely In Soho”.

Jonny Morgan was a regular visitor to the US during his childhood, and Americana left its mark on him. He now struggles to describe which specific genre he falls into – but I’m not sure there’s a need to put a label on it when the music is this good, anyway. His inspirations are drawn from blues, folk and grassroots too, and whilst we’re talking about labels, our Jonny is independent and proud.

“Lonely In Soho” tells the story of a chap left hanging around Petrosino Square, waiting for the other half of his long-distance relationship to emerge from a seven-hour flight. After a long delay, he realises that his other half may not be quite as invested in the relationship as once assumed.

“This autobiographical story describes the feeling of being the only one who’s willing to rise up to the occasion and put the work in for someone else’s attention and affection,” Jonny writes. “We make excuses for ourselves and others for not equally investing in a relationship, as we’re naturally afraid of being alone”. Jonny’s worldly wisdom knows no bounds, and he injects this sensitivity into his new single in the form of plaintive words that read similarly to an internal monologue, and uplifting instrumentation to wrap around you like a warm hug.

Jonny notes that when we put somebody on a pedestal, it’s a version of them they’ll never live up to, and perhaps we’re better off on our own. An important lesson for us all to learn, “Lonely In Soho” speaks home truths and is likely to have you second-guessing your toxic relationships. Be sure to follow this talented artist on social media to keep up with all the latest news…

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