NEW MUSIC: Jack Hinks – Los Angeles

Scottish indie folk singer-songwriter Jack Hinks releases commentary on society and sustainability, “Los Angeles”.

Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter and producer Jack Hinks has unveiled his latest single “Los Angeles”, a tender ode to the world he saw around him during his visit to California. Labelled as “absolutely beautiful” by the BBC’s Janice Forsyth, it has proved popular with folk, indie and alternative music fans nationally. This release marks Jack’s first single of 2020, and he sets the bar high for himself with this introspective and elegantly written piece of music.

“During my first time in the United States, I was baffled by the sheer scale of everything around me. I felt somehow alienated and alone in one of the world’s largest cultural and creative epicentres,” Jack explains. “The global pandemic and halt to industry have left me wondering how the world will grieve or celebrate what we usually take for granted, but also how we will lay the foundations for a more conscious and sustainable future given the opportunity.” 

The songwriter’s angst is palpable from Jack’s vocal that dips and soars, weaving its way through cautiously picked acoustic guitar and other ghostly voices that linger in the background. The lyrics speak of the American Dream as though it is a haunted house in a sleazy fairground, aptly disdainful whilst observing, askance, from a responsible distance. Mournful and hopeful all at once, “Los Angeles” is a sign of the times, and Jack Hinks succeeds tenfold in his mission to eloquently express his complex ruminations in song.

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