NEW MUSIC: The Skinner Brothers – Away Days

London indie-rock band The Skinner Brothers release anthem “Away Days”, a song for the season that never was.

Whatever you’ve missed over Corona season, whether it be football, pub gardens or nail salons, “Away Days” is a song you will be able to relate to. The Skinner Brothers are never ones to sulk away in the background; they’ve arrived, and don’t we know it. Noisy, honest and sh*tloads of fun, it’s no wonder these guys have been a hit with the biggest national radio DJs – the last couple of years have even seen them tour with The Libertines and support Rat Boy live.

In the interests of transparency, I’m really not a football fan (I’ve come to peace with the fact that I might never understand the ‘offside’ rule), but “Away Days” is testament to this quartet’s ability to channel their passion for the beautiful game into a song that will spark recognition in all of us. With massive drums and even bigger vocal hooks, it’s easy to imagine a bustling pub full of Saturday-drinkers chanting along to the rousing words of Zachary Charles Skinner, and it’s even easier to miss all the activities we used to have at our fingertips.

Zachary explains that “the song arose from my love of football culture, I’d been wanting to write a song that captures the essence of match-day for a long while and with “Away Days” I feel I’ve done it. The song takes inspiration from the jukebox classics played in the pubs, along with the fashion togetherness that the football brings!”

It’s The Skinner Brothers’ noble plight to incite camaraderie across the nation (needed now more than ever), and what better way to go about it than to write a strapping great banger for us to yell-sing along to? The future is very bright for this band indeed.

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