NEW MUSIC: Leeem – Laudanum

Bristol indie-folk singer and songwriter Leeem releases easygoing debut single “Laudanum”.

Leem is a brand new indie-folk project hailing from Bristol, but the man behind the magic, Liam O’Connell, is no stranger to music. Liam was born and raised in Scotland but has travelled the world in recent years, playing and writing wherever his journeys would take him. With a sound so gentle and dreamlike, it may surprise you to learn of Leeem’s extensive experience fronting experimental rock bands (The Skitzofrantiks, My Octopus Mind) in years gone by, but it’s all grist to the mill for the worldly songwriter.

His adventures have ultimately resulted in an extraordinarily strong set of songwriting skills with influence taken from all corners of the globe, expressed elegantly in the new single “Laudanum”. It’s the result of an afternoon spent noodling on a guitar, and by evening the first draft of the song was complete. Leeem explains that the song is an ‘attempt to calm the mind whilst anxiety reigns king’, and he achieves this objective of peace with layers of picked acoustic guitar that ripple throughout the song, the lyrics a free-flowing stream of consciousness.

The accompanying video is a journey taken through a local nature reserve on a sunny afternoon, and is a suitably dream-like visual realisation of the song. “Laudanum” is a leading example of the wonderful things that can be born of limitations (looking at you, lockdown!) and Leeem promises a wide array of stylistic approaches to his future releases. We very much look forward to it.

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