Day: 16 July 2020

NEW MUSIC: Empty Atlas – Maximal

Mississippi indie-rock quartet Empty Atlas release vulnerable new single “Maximal”, reflecting on the sacrifices made in pursuit of passion. Empty Atlas are personifying the ancient philosophy that ‘the only constant is change’ with their new album Kairos. Taking a refreshed approach to their songwriting, the band note the differences between their debut and sophomore records; …

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In Conversation with Daniel McDonagh

A former student of painting, Daniel McDonagh began to refine his songwriting craft over leaving university in 2012. While he now enjoys being ankle-deep in the mud as a scaffolder, Daniel flits between construction and art. We spoke with him about his new EP Toward Winter, discovering new music and much more! Why did you decide …

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NEW MUSIC: Gooseberry – The Protagonist

Brooklyn alternative rock band Gooseberry ask all the important question in new single “The Protagonist”. Formed during the Autumn of 2019, alternative indie-rock quartet Gooseberry are the new kids on the block, but they’ve already got in with New York’s cool clique. The Brooklyn music scene can never catch a breath – there always seems …

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