NEW MUSIC: Sam Seccombe – Waiting on Your Love

London singer-songwriter Sam Seccombe releases feel-good new single “Waiting on Your Love”.


It’s Summer! Not according to the cloudy skies here in Ealing, but according to Sam Seccombe who has just released the soundtrack to your lazy Sunday afternoons on the terrace. If you’re lucky enough to have one.

“Waiting on Your Love” is a bright refreshment to a week spent listening to some pretty heavy music – a breath of fresh air. Think Jacob Collier on the harmonies and Jack Johnson on the melody. It’s intrinsically South London in its laid-back sound, with a skipping beat and layers of guitars that chime in and out as they please. Sam’s vocal delivery is on point (what’s new?) and the moments at which his words are enveloped with lush, close harmonies are really too pleasing to put into a sensible sentence, so here’s a list of synonyms for ‘magical’ that Google suggested instead: enchanting, beguiling, sublime, divine. That’ll do.

Sam’s exceptional understanding of harmony may be due in part to his time spent in a barbershop quartet (they played the Albert Hall!) and impressively, he also plays guitar and bass on his new single. He explains that it was Tom Misch who inspired him to begin recording his music – so I think we owe Tom a nice bunch of flowers. Sam explains that “the message behind [‘Waiting on Your Love’] comes from a difficult break-up, but I wanted to emphasise the optimism of the track […]. The rest of the tracks I’m writing at the moment are along the same lines and it’s helped hugely in gaining some closure from it all.”

You ought to keep up with this talented young artist. Be sure to follow him on social media to be the first to know about his future releases…

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