NEW MUSIC: Jake Goodrum – Few & Far Between EP

London-based Jake Goodrum unveils new EP Few & Far Between, based on life’s unexpected silver linings.

Jake Goodrum is a young solo artist and producer based in London, but hailing from the Isle of Wight. It is his hometown that inspired his passion for songwriting; the lack of things to do as a teenager on the tiny island sparked an interest in exploring new places within his own head, putting pen to paper each time he came across unchartered territories. Jake’s brand new EP, Few & Far Between, is very much an embodiment of his cognitive navigation through times of hardship, where his curiosity finds glistening silver linings throughout the five tracks.

Few & Far Between begins with “Smile”, laden with fuzzy electric guitars and bold, steady drums. Jake’s vocal is comparatively modest against this brazen musical backdrop, following melodies that ebb and flow their way through the song, reciting careful musings all the way. Jake writes that “‘Smile’ is about that feeling of helplessness you get when someone you care about is struggling but you really don’t know how to fix the situation, because it’s out of your control – not everyone is necessarily going to understand if they see your surroundings as being positive, but there’s always someone vouching for you.”

“Coffee” kicks things up a gear with driving beats and atmospheric effects on punchy guitars. A catchy chorus hook is the cherry on top of this expertly iced cake. I can think of no better way to complete this song than with a scorching guitar solo, and Jake gives us exactly that ahead of the final chorus. “Coffee”, according to Jake, “is an ode to taking time for yourself, recognising that you’ve been working hard and you need a break, and that no one else has to understand, you’ve just gotta keep doing what you wanna do to keep yourself happy.” Hear, hear!

If you’ve noticed that “Dive” seems a little more instrumental-heavy than the other tracks, you’d be entirely right, and there’s a good reason for it; Jake wrote Dive with the intention of showcasing his instrumental skills on an EP that is otherwise lyrically-focused. It’s no secret that this songwriter-producer is also a don of the electric guitar, so it’s a pleasure to hear Jake doing what he does best. He explains that the song is “a metaphorical take on inviting somebody to come and chase their dreams with you”. The idea of dreaming is replicated in the lush layers of the “Dive” instrumental, as though we’re floating feather-light on some seriously badass clouds.

“Nineteen”, although peppy in its sound, sees Jake Goodrum deal with the loss of a loved one. This juxtaposition between the hopefulness of the production and apathy of the lyrics (“Is it too much to ask to bring back those days?”) is brought together with melodies that are simultaneously playful and mournful in their patterns. It doesn’t sound like this chap had such a good nineteenth birthday…

The Few & Far Between EP is really a joy to listen to – although dealing with tricky subjects along the way, a sense of optimism seeps through in Jake’s writing and production, which is testament to his outlook on life and learning. He has single-handedly formed a sound entirely of his own (despite his love for huge artists such as Snow Patrol, The 1975, The Hunna…) and we very much look forward to witnessing his journey to the top of the Indie food chain.

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