NEW MUSIC: The Dirty Pennies – Love Ain’t Free

New York alternative rock band The Dirty Pennies release new energetic rock ballad “Love Ain’t Free”.

Rochester, NY’s favourite alternative rock band The Dirty Pennies return to unveil new single “Love Ain’t Free”. The trio formed in 2012 with members Ryan Klem and Lucas Howe bonding over a love of psychedelic rock, folk, garage rock and blues, and were joined by bassist Joe Mungo in 2015. The Dirty Pennies have since breathed new life into the Rochester gig circuit with their ‘mean gutbucket’ guitar riffs and driving drum beats, and “Love Ain’t Free” is sure to please the ears of all Turtle Tempo’s rock-loving readers.

The band’s latest music tackles the subject of “struggle and perseverance” in the ever-changing political and social climate of 2020. As said climate reaches increasingly ridiculous heights, The Dirty Pennies are keeping it cool, with “Love Ain’t Free” acting not so much as a political observation than a nostalgic look at the give-and-take dynamic of a relationship, and harking back to their earlier days with a more mellow sound. I’m not entirely sure how mellow I might consider fuzzy, grungy guitars and seriously catchy riffs (who cares when it sounds this good, anyway?) but the lyrics are plaintive and romantic in their own way, capturing the essence of enduring love.

The band explain, “this energetic love ballad is a light-hearted recollection of the feelings, social cues, events one encounters when bonding with a significant other”. It’s a sentimental smash wrapped up in gritty rock – what’s not to love? Be sure to follow this talented trio on social media to keep up with new releases!

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