NEW MUSIC: Little Grim – Chock-Full of Fun

London’s Little Grim release new single “Chock-Full of Fun”, a product of their time spent in Lockdown.

Little Grim haven’t let the lockdown deter them – separated since March, these four talented chaps have kept spirits high amongst their fans with the promise of new music. Their forthcoming EP will be a product of experimentation with each track recorded in self-isolation, and “Chock-Full of Fun” is the first single of which to emerge from their home in Peckham.

“‘Chock-Full of Fun’ is a song that’s narrative peeps through the keyhole of an obsessive and possessive partner. The lyrics explore the ways it can drive you to do and say mad things when you’re infatuated.”

Little Grim’s commentary on this toxic relationship is aptly matched with a creeping bassline and creaking synths – think psychological thriller gone funky. Carefully considered exploration of themes unchartered seems to be the name of the game for this single and the full EP to come; we can’t wait to hear more.

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