NEW MUSIC: ME – can’t get enough

‘ME’ is clearly an artist that has something to say.

can’t get enough‘ is a tune that could double its length without feeling stale in the slightest; such is the strength of the writing and the smoothness of the recording. Credit where it’s due, ‘ME‘s lyrics feel effortlessly meaningful and it’s this honesty that draws you into the track, while it’s the midnight-by-the-streetlights vibe that makes you play it on repeat.

Built around an easy-listening groove, accompanied by a steady bass line that dips in and out between whirly synths and spiralling keys parts; the music production features as the solid supporting cast to the star of the show: ME’s vocal performance. The velvety nature of ME‘s vocal delivery feels like strolling through a slow-motion city street, so put your headphones in and keep your eyes shut – you’ll certainly struggle to get enough of this one.

Based in Sweden, ‘can’t get enough’ is ME‘s second release and the artist is gaining a reputation as a prolific soul/r&b writer, underscored by a knack for writing catchy and memorable tunes. Check out her previous release ‘internal sunshine (?)‘ for more evidence that this artist clearly has the potential to become your new favourite thing. Although nothing is set in stone yet, there is doubtless more to come and I’m eagerly awaiting to hear what happens next in this aspiring artists career.

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