NEW MUSIC: Trevor James Tillery – Beg

Trevor James Tillery releases psychedelic alt-rock single “Beg”, a call to fight the oppressors in power.

We know very little about the enigma that is Trevor James Tillery: he creates from a home in Nashville; he has piqued the interest of BBC Radio 1’s new-music guru Zane Lowe; he is really, seriously talented. Despite the mist that surrounds this artist’s personal life, the details of his career couldn’t be any clearer – a list of his accolades are as extensive as lockdown has felt long, and there’s every chance we could see Trevor James Tillery reach new heights with the release of his latest track “Beg”.

It’s the second single of a series of TJT releases planned for this year and follows an outwardly political theme of systemic oppression from those in power. “Beg” was produced from Tillery and his fiancé James Michael Kelley’s home studio, featuring a wild array of psychedelic and shoegaze influences through fuzzy, warped guitars, glimmering synthesizers and thickly layered, heavily affected vocals. I’m delighted to acknowledge that, yes, those are Trump quotes being recited by a text-to-speech style female voice about four minutes and thirty seconds in; it’s a clever way to bring home the ridiculousness of #45’s presidency (in case you hadn’t already caught on…).*

Trevor James Tillery turns us inside out and backwards on this psychedelic journey through our own unfortunate reality of the oppression we face from those in power. Hard-hitting and unapologetically honest, “Beg” is a must-listen.

Find Trevor James Tillery on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

*The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own. She’s not wrong though…


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