NEW MUSIC: The Novus – Man On The Bridge

Birmingham four-piece The Novus release latest single “Man On The Bridge”, inspired by a half-naked bridge-dancing old chap in Camden.

It is a relief to see bands having a bit of fun in lockdown. Everyone’s favourite Birmingham alt-rockers are back with a slightly mad (in a great way) single “Man On The Bridge”, which the band are eager to announce will be reproduced on 7″ vinyl as part of the latest Flying Vinyl subscription package. Mention of Flying Vinyl takes me back to my first ever shitty flat in London, which I shared with a fellow music-lover who worked nights – I had several close encounters with that temperamental record player of his, trying to listen to the latest batch of singles he’d got through the post that month…

The Novus’ fond memories of London (you’ll be glad to know) are far more entertaining than mine; during a trip to Camden, they came across a local man dancing half-naked by a bridge. Apparently this is a common occurrence, and the jiving pants man is a pillar of North London society. This gave the band no other option but to write a bloody good song about it, which would later be picked up by Huw Stephens for BBC Introducing. “Man On The Bridge” is a noisy, energetic track that represents the pinnacle of modern alternative indie-rock, with all its carefree lyrical content and danceable beats, making The Novus’ sound so well-suited to the nation’s favourite sticky-floored, graffiti-clad independent music venues.

Live music is an issue close to frontman Connor’s heart, and he has been regularly submitting questions for the government’s daily Coronavirus briefings to ask when and how bands like The Novus can start playing again safely. Until then, it’ll be livestreams on their social media…

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