NEW MUSIC: The Catch – Worth It

While their musical career did not exactly begin before leaving school, the bonds created to finally result in The Catch were put in place way before they were driving or drinking alcohol. Pre-school friends Adam Levey (vocals and drums) and Eddie Allen (electric guitar) met Ryan Home (bass) at high school; thus, the base was in place. They might not have known about their future as The Catch back then, but their jamming sessions soon sparked something extraordinary.

Influenced greatly by iconic bands such as Foo Fighters and Black Sabbath, these Surrey natives, now based in Leeds for university, began developing a unique rock sound. While the core is more alternative rock-based, The Catch is evolving to develop a more indie sound in their new track ‘Worth It’



Known for their energetic performances, ‘Worth It’ is a single that can easily fuel their enthusiasm. Leaning more toward the Franz Ferdinand and The Hives, The Catch is upbeat and addictive. ‘Worth It’ is not all bounce without any significance; it does have some meaning amidst the effortless vocals and heavy guitars. Positivity out of distress is what we are talking about.

Vocalist Levey states the song is “about looking forward to seeing someone you care about after months apart…the feeling of missing someone you are close to and turning it into a positive thing as when you are with them again it fills you with happiness.” While the track might not have been intended as a premonition of the COVID-19 situation, it definitely is quite relatable for those who live alone or are separated from loved ones.

I have to agree with The Music Blog 42 when they say that The Catch is “one of the best indie bands in the area”. However, given their unrelenting attitude and toe-tapping tunes, I do not think it will be too long before they are in the league of The Kooks.

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