NEW MUSIC: Ryan Edmond – If She Knew ft. Yung Goon

Australian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ryan Edmond teams up with Yung Goon on latest single “If She Knew”.

Ryan Edmond, hailing from Rockingham and currently residing in Sweden, has unveiled the final single from his forthcoming EP due to be released later this year. “If She Knew” tells the story of a woman Emond witnessed “standing up on a bridge, screaming at the top of her lungs”. He knew this story needed to be told for the good of his friends and fans that suffer from mental health issues; understanding the perspective of a somebody who is suffering is the first step towards helping the move forward.

Edmond explains, “I was trying to imagine what she could have been going through to find herself in that position. This thought really stuck with me, you never know what someone is enduring on the inside and you should never be too quick to judge them without knowing their story”. This sentiment is cleverly and tenderly expressed through Edmond’s way with words, the strong narrative upheld further by a compelling soundscape of psychedelic guitars, heavy bass and steady drums. On collaborating with rapper Callum Foulkes (better known as Yung Goon), Edmond recalls that “[he] freestyled a verse on the spot. It blew me away how he immediately could connect to the story and paint a picture through his words and melodic flow”. Both Ryan Edmond and Yung Goon contribute evocative vocals to “If She Knew”, making for a truly unique take on a subject that is often tricky to discuss.

With a final ‘bravo’ to Ryan, I usher you with a firm hand towards his social media – be sure to follow him for news on his future endeavours.

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