NEW MUSIC: Babe Club – Together

Indie pop trio Babe Club release brand new single “Together”, reminiscing on the start of an unconventional relationship.

Babe Club have been making waves across the US with their take on nostalgic indie pop, and their latest release “Together” dishes the goss on the relationship between frontwoman Jenna Desmond and fellow bandmate Corey Campbell. The song has already impressed major tastemakers (such as American Songwriter) with its wistful lyricism and nostalgic production, and in the short time since its release has captured the ears of almost ten thousand listeners on Spotify.

It becomes clear upon first listen why Babe Club have become such favourites amongst their alternative indie pop contemporaries. The confessional nature of Desmond’s lyrics endears us to the story she tells; a serendipitous meeting of musical minds would utilise the opportunities a tour provides – with all its “shared hotels and living room floors” – to get to know one another. I’ve heard that the close physical and emotional proximity of a touring relationship is far different to that which any of us home-dwelling, office-rotting, clean-shirt plebians can imagine, but Babe Club pull us into their shoes and show us their experience firsthand with the use of their lucid wordsmithery and dreamlike soundscapes. Jenna recalls, “I wanted the lyrics to feel cinematic, like a scene out of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind”. I wanted to write about our relationship as if it were over, and what we would be missing out on if we didn’t continue dating and collaborating musically.” 

If you’re looking for visceral emotion written into song, you need look no further than Babe Club’s “Together”. Be sure to catch their forthcoming EP, Remember This Feeling, due to be released later this year, and follow this talented trio on social media for more news.

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