NEW MUSIC: Velvet Starlings – Karmic Lemonade

LA-based Velvet Starlings release “Karmic Lemonade”, the second single from the acclaimed EP Love Everything, Love Everyone…

Young Christian Gisbourne is wise beyond his years, taking influence from bands such as The Beatles, The Who and The Doors to write, perform and produce gritty tracks such as Velvet Starlings’ latest release, “Karmic Lemonade”. It’s the second single to be taken from the acclaimed Love Everything, Love Everyone… EP (perhaps better described as a mini-album), originally released in 2019 and featuring seven songs that speak of “an era where everyone spends all of their time on devices ‘liking’ and ‘loving’ everything”.

Gisbourne’s slightly cynical take on this digital affection we all show one-another is placed as the driving storyline throughout “Karmic Lemonade”, which poetically depicts the coming to terms of lost love, and the karmic resolution that ensues. The story comes full-circle, with Gisbourne explaining further that “it’s about a relationship’s ability to go from sweet to sour. It’s like an ice-cold sip of lemonade when things are good”. Whirring Hammonds, heavy guitars and rousing melodies provide the psychedelia-inspired backdrop for the frontman’s signature vocal, his lyrics concise, artistic and poignant all at once. 

It won’t surprise you to learn of Velvet Starlings’ successes so far, which are plenty indeed; international live shows, national radio play (including KROQ and Sirius XM) and festival appearances don’t even scratch the surface. Be sure to follow this talented band on social media for any exciting news that may follow…

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