NEW MUSIC: Tyla Jane – My Oh My

After hearing the first arpeggiated synth notes of this pop masterclass, you know you’re about to hit gold. With hook-filled, chopped up vocal parts accompanied by crystal clear production: Tyla Jane‘s debut single ‘My Oh My‘ feels vibrant and fresh; ticking the box of an exciting new artist plotting their steadfast course across an often tricky-to-navigate pop landscape. Simplicity is an underappreciated and undervalued commodity within the world of commercial pop, but truth be told it’s so difficult to do something simple so well – and indubitably a piece of music that’s limited to in and around three minutes is at it’s strongest when it’s clear and concise. That’s exactly why ‘My Oh My‘ feels so special.

It’s instantaneous, direct, and does not overstay it’s welcome: which is what makes you want it to spend the night. To me, it feels like a three minute and seven-second declaration from a songwriter that is confident in their artistic convictions. Without feeling as if it’s trying too hard, Tyla Jane‘s assured performance and relatable lyrics couple up with a dynamic production style that produces a remarkable debut that is certainly on it’s way to racking up it’s streaming numbers – and let’s not forget: this is just the beginning. Tyla Jane is lining up more singles for the rest of the year and is working on an upcoming EP all the while. I can’t wait to hear more.


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