Day: 2 July 2020

NEW MUSIC: Velvet Starlings – Karmic Lemonade

LA-based Velvet Starlings release “Karmic Lemonade”, the second single from the acclaimed EP Love Everything, Love Everyone… Young Christian Gisbourne is wise beyond his years, taking influence from bands such as The Beatles, The Who and The Doors to write, perform and produce gritty tracks such as Velvet Starlings’ latest release, “Karmic Lemonade”. It’s the …

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NEW MUSIC: Tyla Jane – My Oh My

After hearing the first arpeggiated synth notes of this pop masterclass, you know you’re about to hit gold. With hook-filled, chopped up vocal parts accompanied by crystal clear production: Tyla Jane‘s debut single ‘My Oh My‘ feels vibrant and fresh; ticking the box of an exciting new artist plotting their steadfast course across an often …

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