NEW MUSIC: Rozelle – Get Out Alive

Bristolian four-piece indie pop band Rozelle release single “Get Out Alive”, inspired by the story of Pablo Escobar.

It isn’t always a smooth ride living with fellow bandmates (some bands I’ve known don’t make it past one week in a van together), but for Rozelle, cohabitation works perfectly, allowing the four-piece an opportunity to dedicate any free moments to writing. This year, Rozelle have been following a one-per-month release schedule for their singles, and plan to continue in the same way for another six songs. Their prolificacy must be greatly appreciated by their thousands of monthly listeners (of whom I am now one), who hang on to Rozelle’s every word, discovering new perspectives on existence and identity along the way.

“Get Out Alive” takes us on a journey of “a character who can’t seem to escape the bad situations they’re dealt with,” frontwoman Hayley Smith explains, “someone who is both comforted and afraid by darkness they experience.” Rozelle convey the bittersweet relationship of ease and angst with Smith’s light, sweet vocal tones starkly contrasted with dizzying psychedelic guitars and lyrics detailing uncertainty and an urgent need to escape. The overall result is a hopeful and heartfelt offering, inspired by Pablo Escobar’s life story of the highest highs and deepest lows. It’s a different approach from Rozelle, featuring an uplifting feel adhering to pop sensibilities, but nonetheless maintaining their trademark edge and storytelling ability.

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