NEW MUSIC: Askies – Easy

Leeds alternative indie-rock band Askies return to unveil new single “Easy”, an ode to those in relationship purgatory.

This four-piece indie-rock band hailing from Leeds are fast becoming ones to watch, selling out shows in their hometown and soon to take on all corners of the UK. Their sharp and energetic take on the music of rock n’ roll predecessors is proving popular, having amassed tens of thousands of streams within just a year of their first release, “Bond”.

Askies’ new single, “Easy”, is just as confident an effort, requiring no intro – opting instead for an arresting verse vocal and atmospheric guitars from the very first second onwards. Drums thunder on behind evocative instrumentation, driven by Askies’ songwriting which is rich and mature in tone. The lyrics seem confessional and unfiltered, telling the story of a relationship stuck in purgatory. The band explain that “it’s a common situation in relationships, and most people would be able to relate to the same type of anger’s voiced through the lyrics”. Feelings of yearning and despair are captured within the composition of this dynamic track, with a particular focus on ‘spinning feelings and drifting control’.

This band’s unique approach to songwriting is what sets them apart from many fellow alternative indie-rock bands – “Easy” holds emotional authenticity at its core. Be sure to follow Askies on social media to keep up with their exciting future endeavors, as you’ll surely not want to miss a thing.

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