NEW MUSIC: Pipin – Can’t Be Friends

Brisbane’s indie-pop princess Pipin releases single “Can’t Be Friends”, inspired by outgrowing friendships.

Pipin is the indie-pop project of Australian singer and songwriter Bec Hoole, whose worldly emotional intelligence expressed in her music originates from frequent moves throughout her country’s states, creating new connections along the way. “Can’t Be Friends” is a sparkling indie-pop bop recorded at Out With The In Studios in Brisbane with producer Hugh Middleton, and mixed across the pond in London by Alex L’Estrange. It follows up on Pipin’s two earlier releases of 2020, “Growing Pains” and “Crowded”, which were supported by Triple J and other local radio stations – “Can’t Be Friends” has big shoes to fill.

Luckily, Pipin is consistently a quality songwriter, for the third time this year gracing us with a sparkling tune; “Can’t Be Friends” features introspective lyrics and disco themes alike. Despite the emotionally charged message, we can’t help but shuffle our feet to the four-to-the-floor beat and pulsating bassline. If Robyn and Lily Allen had a sassy twenty-something daughter, Pipin would be her – with laid-back vocal delivery and glittering synth sounds, “Can’t Be Friends” is also reminiscent of Arcade Fire’s “Sprawl II”, an incredible electronic indie-pop track in its own right.

Pipin is surely not long for obscurity with her catchy hooks and unique (yet radio friendly) sound, so you’d better follow her on social media to keep up with her new releases and future live shows.

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