NEW MUSIC: Nii – Silk

Leeds dream-pop artist Nii releases new single “Silk”, on the loss of a love interest.

“Silk” represents a new sound for Leeds dream-pop artist Nii – one of vulnerability and openness. For fans of The 1975, John Mayer, Boy Pablo and HAIM, “Silk” features glimmering synths, a driving beat and heart-on-sleeve lyrics. Nii is entirely self-produced, and the silver thread that ties his compositions together is the combination of upbeat vibrancy and introspective themes. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Nii song without one of his signature guitar solos, a prime example of Nii’s innate musical ability and virtuosic performance skill.

“This song is a testament to how much more vulnerable I have become in my songwriting. I wanted to mirror the frustration of wanting more from a relationship than you are getting,” Nii explains. He perfectly epitomises the struggle of unrequited love in his poignant lyrics “I shouldn’t call / but when you need someone, I always pick up”, yet swaps any inclination towards melancholy melodies for playful, catchy hooks. 

A music video for “Silk”, filmed and edited by Will Killen at Evoke Studios popped up on YouTube on 20th May, and follows Nii around places in Leeds that he holds dear. Stylishly retro, it mirrors Nii’s alt-pop sound with dreamy pink and blue hues clouding each image, making for a strong visual representation of the single itself.

The future is bright for this talented multi-hyphenist artist – be sure to follow his journey on social media to keep up with his inevitable rise to noteworthiness.

Find Nii on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

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