NEW MUSIC: Ed Prosek – Flesh & Blood Part 2 (EP)

Ed Prosek, the Berlin-based polymath, releases his second EP Flesh & Blood Part 2.

Ed Prosek is a man of many talents. His new EP, Flesh & Blood Part 2, sees him writing, producing and performing each of the four tracks, which incidentally represent the changes he’s faced in the three years since Flesh & Blood Part 1. Released in 2017, Part 1 was comprised of three tracks that addressed Ed’s darker side, a willing exploration of emotional unrest. Part 2 is notably brighter in its sound – like the ‘eureka!’ moment of Prosek’s musical career – representing his fresh outlook on songwriting, embracing the ups and downs of his life in Berlin. Prosek’s classical training from his upbringing in California is heard throughout this EP in his virtuosic ability to play practically any instrument and turn his hand to any genre, and his residence in Berlin has brought out the free-and-easy, soulful nature of his production.

The first track on the EP is the soulful and lighthearted “Make It Easy”, which features a catchy guitar and bass riff that underpins an optimistic, summery feel. It sounds as though this track was inspired by being just out of reach of the person whom one desires the most – they only love you when it’s easy, but in doing so, they make love a very difficult pursuit. Prosek’s lyrics cut straight to the point, a heart-on-sleeve and disarmingly honest account of the thrill of the chase, and his natural charm and his aptitude for songwriting shines through as the perfect start to Flesh & Blood Part 2.

“One Man’s Blessing” is the lead single, perhaps singled out for its dark melodies and grungy guitar sounds. “One Man’s Blessing is my take on the Paul Simon classic ‘One Man’s Ceiling is Another Man’s Floor’,” Ed explains. “I’ve always been amazed by the way that things I once loved gradually become unbearable. As a songwriter, I feel this whenever I hear a song I wrote years ago and it makes me cringe even though I remember how awesome I thought it was when I wrote it. It begs a question: was I childish and naive back then or am I just old and jaded now?” Prosek’s introspection is perfectly incarnated in this epic thought-piece of a song, exemplified in sparkling chimes, skipping drum beats and wistful lyrics.

Ed Prosek explores yet another combination of genres in the heartwrenching ballad “Mercy“, for fans of Nick Hakim and Bruno Major. His vocals are delivered smooth as you like, championing his usual stunning lyricism; poignant and touching. “Mercy” is both uplifting and melancholic, with melodies laced with hopefulness contrasted with fuzzy guitars and deep basslines to keep us grounded.

Released in 2019, “Killing Me” was the first of Flesh & Blood Part 2’s tracks to be unveiled to the world. Its appearance on the EP marks the finale – brooding and atmospheric, this track leans towards electronica with its swelling synthesizers (think Jack Garratt meets The XX). Ed’s soulful vocals soar over the chorus, supported by huge drums and electric guitars, and the final seconds are left unresolved – we will be hanging off the edge of this cliff until Flesh & Blood Part 3 (which I, for one, have decided is going happen. Ed just doesn’t know it yet).

Ed’s worldliness is apparent throughout Flesh & Blood Part 2, all of his influences beautifully combined to create a heavenly concoction that is so quintessentially him. To be taken on this musical journey is truly a pleasure – the future is very bright for this talented songwriter. Be sure to follow Ed on social media to keep up with his endeavours…

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