NEW MUSIC: Ro – low in the evenings

London-based electronic indie-pop artist Ro releases new single “low in the evenings“.

London’s Ro takes a DIY approach to her music – with her successes so far self-made, she returns with her third single “low in the evenings”. Although just a touch darker than her previous releases, she continues to explore influence from the 80s and 00s, resulting in a slow-burner to have you crying on the dancefloor.

Little moments of appreciation for artists such as Grimes and Christine and the Queens are expressed throughout Ro’s track – vocals light as a feather, melodies meandering around 808 drum machine beats and a subby bassline. Ro grew up creating demos on tape recorders and continues to channel her self-expression in the production of “low in the evenings”, with her signature style shining through like the silver ribbon that ties her three singles into one lovely sparkly gift that any music lover would be glad to receive.

Ro also released a self-directed music video for “low in the evenings”, featuring flashing lights and structures in disrepair, perfectly reflecting the dance-influenced elements of the single, versus the introspective lyrics. A woman of many talents, Ro is paving the way for other young female DIY artists and producers to follow in her footsteps. Her music possesses the confidence of a seasoned artist, and it’s unsurprising to discover that she has already garnered support from Fubar Radio and Trash Like You Records. Be sure to follow Ro on social media to keep up with exciting news of future releases.

Find Ro on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

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