NEW MUSIC: Ben Kidson – Heaven

Punk-Pop powerhouse Ben Kidson releases single “Heaven”, his first-ever love song.

Ben Kidson has always been a big fan of indie and punk, and possessed an uncanny ability to write a bloody good pop song, having been signed as a writer to a major label at a young age. Who else would have thunk to combine pop and punk to create a genre entirely of their own? Punk Pop (not to be confused with pop-punk) came about as the result of Ben stepping back from the self-righteousness of the punk scene and the confines of pop, hiding away in a Devon AirBnB and eventually emerging from his self-imposed isolation with music that expressed his true character.

Fuzzy and heavy guitars blare out over Tiesto-type vocal chops in the new single “Heaven”, proving that these contrasting elements complement Ben’s writing and stylistic intentions. This track features a raw, unfiltered view on his quest for love, hinting at the thrill of the chase, repeatedly asking “how do I get to Heaven with you?”. This is essentially and intrinsically radio-friendly pop, and I am living for it. There’s no shame in indulging in the compositional sensibilities of commercial music from time to time – there’s an awful lot to appreciate and it’s a difficult sound to pull off, which is why it’s so pleasing when an artist like Ben Kidson sounds like nobody else you’ve ever heard, but is also completely free of pretension.

With music already featured on the TV shows ‘Killing Eve’ and ‘Sticks & Stones’, Ben Kidson is making some serious waves. His characterful voice and epic choruses will soon be ringing out across the nation – follow him on social media to keep up with more exciting news.

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