NEW MUSIC: Seraphina Simone – Cherry

London indie-pop artist Seraphina Simone dismantles the American Dream with debut single “Cherry”.

Seraphina Simone may be a Londoner through and through, but lengthy trips to California throughout her upbringing secured her understanding of the American Dream; “the voice fuelled by consumer culture and jealousy and insecurity”. Labelled as musical aristocracy by some, Seraphina follows in her father’s footsteps, taking on the world with this debut single “Cherry”, the voice in our heads that tells us to want more.

Upon being plunged into lockdown, many of us have been getting rid of our superfluous shite rather than collecting more, emptying the contents of our wardrobes onto Depop for a quick buck – those of us who need our jobs have lost them, whilst the super-rich profit off our unemployment. Seraphina makes a statement with “Cherry”, breaking down all the societal myths that we have become accustomed to, to the sound of fizzing ring-pulls, smooth synth pads and dysphoric effects. “Coat me with sugar / so I slip down sweet” sets up Seraphina’s reservations on capitalism’s effort to placate the disquieted citizen by convincing us that ‘everything now’ is all we need. She sticks spanners in the workings of our pop-fried expectations with sudden injections of New Order-esque 80s bass sounds, and deconstructs our understanding of indie-pop we know it in the process.

Less Pop Princess, more Empress; Seraphina is a force to be reckoned with as she embarks on a journey to world domination, with a more down-to-earth understanding of society’s little misteachings than most. Wise beyond her years and eager to step outside the confines of genre, Seraphina Simone is truly one to watch.

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